matcha tiramisu (home kitchen)

November 1, 2008

marina del rey, ca 90295
yumyuminthetumtum’s home kitchen

www.yumyuminthetumtum.com-pls ask permission to use image

when i was still living in hong kong, i used to scout out the best tiramisu in town, and the ones at the peak was my favorite! :)   though there are so many tiramisu recipes around, some time years ago, i accidentally came across one that was simple to follow from a magazine i browsed through while getting my hair cut.  from someone who doesn’t like following recipes, i usually just did it my way.  since i have some matcha (green tea powder) laying around in my kitchen cupboard, this time, i decided to make a matcha tiramisu.  i’ve always enjoyed making tiramisu for friends, but had not made one in awhile.   while getting too excited with my matcha experiment, i forgot to add the green tea powder when whipping the mascarpone, so the only green tea powder you would find was on top of the dessert in substitution of the cocoa powder. a regular size cookie cutter is not deep enough for the tiramisu, so i traced the shape and cut it with a knife instead to form this cute little heart shape. a sweet way to celebrate your next valentine’s day if you wanna give this a try. :)



  1. THis looks so cute, and a great twist to my favorite dessert!

  2. this looks delicious! how did you make it?

  3. thanks, kel! me, too! i love tiramisu! :) xoxo

  4. hi angela :) thanks for dropping by! :) you can search online for any classic tiramisu recipes, and buy some matcha/green tea powder (usually available in any japanese supermarket like mitsuwa, nijiya, etc.) initially, i was going to add the matcha into the mix with the mascarpone, but i totally forgot about it :p so for this one that i blogged, the only replacement from the classic recipe would be the cocoa powder that you were supposed to sprinkled on the top of the dessert right before serving…sprinkle with the green tea powder instead, and voila! ;) if you’ve never made this popular italian dessert before, i hope you’ll give it a try. it’s very easy, and no baking required. :) please let me know how you like it and share some pics if you if you decided to make one. :) xoxo

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