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sorabol korean bbq & asian noodles (century city)

January 2, 2009

sorabol korean bbq & asian noodles
century city westfields mall
10250 santa monica blvd, #620
los angeles, ca 90067
(310) 277-3772

(sorry for the blur photos, quick snaps with the iphone) ask permission to use image
my friend and i wanted to try everything at this food court, and tonight, after catching a movie and did some light after-new-year’s shopping, we settled for some korean food. so, we headed to sorabol, where you get to choose either noodles, rice, or half-and-half of both, then choose one entree, and two side dishes (pan chan). ask permission to use image
this is my friend’s dish. he had half-and-half glass noodles and brown rice, picked the bbq beef, and bean sprouts and broccoli. the beef was over cooked, so it was disappointing for him. ask permission to use image
this is my dish. i asked for all glass noodles (i love jap chae!), spicy pork, and broccoli and spicy cucumber. the glass noodles were just okay (abit too sweet and dry), the spicy pork is pretty spicy (i love spicy!) and tender. i enjoyed my pick more than my friend did his, and spicy food usually keeps me happy! :) i even asked for some extra of those spicy sauce for the pork. hehe :)

in general though, i wouldn’t recommend to those who appreciate authentic korean food, but if you were shopping in the mall, or before/after the movie, and crave for some korean food for a quick bite, then this would kinda be alright for that. ask permission to use image