little flower candy company (pasadena)

April 15, 2009

little flower candy company
1424 w colorado boulevard
pasadena, ca 91105
(626) 304-4800

once in awhile i treat myself to some beautiful spongy marshmallows. i love them…they’re so cute and always put a smile on my face and in my heart everytime i see one. :)

www.yumyuminthetumtum.com-pls ask permission to use image

www.yumyuminthetumtum.com-pls ask permission to use image

we recently had lunch at europane bakery in pasadena, and bought these adorable fluffy homemade marshmallow there. they’re made by little flower candy, co. (they’re on west colorado blvd, but their website is still under construction.) aren’t they pretty? each packet comes with four very pretty pastel colors vanilla marshmallows. the only complain we would have is how these are crystal sugar coated instead of powdered coated. when we bite into it, the sugar was so sweet and the micro-crystal texture simply overpowered the soft and delicious marshmallow itself. other than that, if you love marshmallows and sweets, drop by and pick one up…makes a nice little cheer up gift, too! :)



  1. They are so purdy!!

  2. love the Little Flower candy co. — but not the marshmallows, the caramels. Their caramels are divine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. awww hi elina!! :) thank you so much for dropping by!!! :) ohh i would need to try their caramels next time i’m in the area!!! don’t really freguent old town these days, but i’ve sure added their caramels to my list-to-try! :D thanks! :) xoxo!

  4. hi mimi :) thanks, i love the pastel colors, too!! :) xoxo

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