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veggies & flaxseed tortilla chips (trader joe’s)

March 23, 2009

trader joe’s (westchester branch)
8645 s sepulveda blvd
los angeles, ca 90045
(310) 338-9238
9am – 9pm ask permission to use image

after few hours straight doing editing work, i decided to brew some coffee for myself since i probably need to stay up for a few more hours tonight to do some design work. i took a little break and hung out in my kitchen for abit… and before i knew it, hehe…i started munching on some comfort snack.:p these trader joe’s veggies (carrot & tomato, spinach & garlic, red beet & onion) & flaxseed tortilla chips are perfect and flavorful, and…there’s 500mg of omega 3’s per serving! :)  it’s just perfect to enjoy with the trader joe’s red pepper spread (with eggplant and garlic) dip… yum!  the perfect midnight comfort snack! ;)


mitsuwa marketplace (little tokyo)

January 24, 2009

mitsuwa marketplace (closed)

(in little tokyo)
333 s. alameda st
los angeles, ca 90013
(213) 687-6699

i’m sure, like me, many people are saddened by the closing of this mitsuwa marketplace inside the little tokyo shopping mall. the mall has not been well managed for the recent years, with stores closing one after another and left empty for awhile. it’s finally been bought out by a korean company, and will now be managed by a team of asian-american investors. upon the closing of mitsuwa, a new supermarket that will carries both asian and american food, will take over and reopen on feb 15, 2009. this mitsuwa has brought many great fond memories to many of us over the years. though we couldn’t go during their steep “everything must go sales”, but we just had to make time to drop by today to bid our goodbyes, before they closes their door for good on monday… *sniff sniff* :”'( ask permission to use image ask permission to use image ask permission to use image ask permission to use image ask permission to use image