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thank you for visiting yum yum in the tum tum!

* yumyuminthetumtum.com was created in nov, 2008 (still fairly new :p) as a personal food blog to archive my gastronomic adventure around (and sometimes out of) los angeles, simply to help me remember where+what i’ve eaten, and where/what i should remember not to order again.  …and occasionally blog food that i made at home.

* i grew up with a mom who doesn’t cook, and we’ve always had a family home chef in the house doing all the cooking for us. my dad traveled alot, so having a delicious home cooked meal and dining out at restaurants was one of the way he spent time with us children, and i’d always cherished those moments. i only started cooking occasionally when i moved to the u.s. and after my nanny left. so i won’t pretend to be a food writer/food critic/’foodie’ per se… i just enjoy a good meal with friends and love trying out different kinds of food. i’ve been snapping shots of food dishes we had/have from most of our food outings since 2003. i used to archive them at kodak gallery to share with friends. i figure with so many food pics, maybe it’s a good time to start archiving them in a blog to share with anyone who’s interested in viewing/reading them (though i might be slow in updating the posts due to work schedule, or maybe pure laziness :p)

* i document my personal experience as honestly and as detailed as my memory holds at that particular moment, and when reading my blog, please remember that my (and/or my friends’) taste palette might not be agreeable with yours.

* all comments are moderated. no spamming please. thanks!

* if you would like to contact me (for collaborations/contributions/invitations/to use my photos, etc.), please do so via the comment box, include what it’s regard to, and an email where you would like me to reply to. thanks. :) any personal info (eg. emails) provided will not be published, so don’t worry. :)

* when i’m not food blogging here or looking for more yumyum in the tumtum, i daydream, i visit galleries/museums, i volunteer, i capture visual memories (photographs), i sketch/make/design things, i dream (alot!), i take naps on floating clouds, and i take long walks with my dog. enjoying life’s daily simple pleasures is my way of happiness! :)

cameras used
* i use a canon rebel xt or the 50D for all the shots taken at home. non-at-home photos were either taken with the same rebel xt or 50D, or my nikon coolpix p&s, …ooor to avoid unwanted attention (from both the biz owners and/or customers) i use my iphone for those quick quiet snaps. ;)

the serious bit…

*** all images taken by and words written by the author of this blog (me!). please refrain from using any of the images or written content in any form without permission from the author.  if you would like to re-post or use any of the images (not to be altered/cropped) on your blog, you’re welcomed to, as long as you link it back to this blog, but please ask first. :)  copyright and all rights reserved. thank you for being respectful, and happy eating! :)

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