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horizen gourmet (west hollywood)

January 21, 2009

horizen gourmet
8385 beverly blvd
los angeles, ca 90048
(323) 653-0470

few years ago, my cousin and i stumbled upon this little treasure hidden inside a mall complex at the corner of orlando and beverly, and to this day, it is still my favorite sushi place to go. ask permission to use image

on this particular visit, these are what we ordered (yup, we skipped breakfast to have a satisfying ‘branch/lunch’ :)

ankimo (monkfish liver) – yummily good, if you like the texture :) ask permission to use image

toro & foie gras tower (layered grilled foie gras, toro & banana with black bean sauce) – this is good, and who wouldn’t love foie gras! although after learning how foie gras was produced, i no longer allow myself to indulge in such cruelty since four years ago :( ask permission to use image

nasa soboro (eggplant, minced chicken with snow peas) – my cousin didn’t really like this one, but i love eggplants, though the minced chicken with snow peas tasted like a homemade dish i’ve had. this was probably our least favorite that day ask permission to use image

uni (sea urchin), ikura okizuke (smelt eggs), and kobashira (scallop) – omg, just look at those uni and tell me you’ve had plumber ones! d best uni i’ve ever had! thinking about it and looking at the pics made me drool all over again :D the kobashira are so fresh! this is my favorite ‘combo’! :) ask permission to use image

variety roll (tuna, salmon and white fish) – pretty good :) ask permission to use image

apple sushi – very creative… it’s the first time i’ve ever had an apple sushi, so it was an interesting surprise :) ask permission to use image

purple yam pudding – yam-mily good but nothing new ask permission to use image

sauteed banana – they’re good, but i’ve had better ones :) ask permission to use image

green tea ask permission to use image

the owners are very nice and knowledgeable. (they do consulting work, too!) i’m so bad with names and i feel so embarrassed about forgeting the name of the lovely lady who came by and chatted with us. she was first curious on why i was snapping food shots each time a dish was served to us, and probably thought we might be ‘spies’ :p but she was very gracious knowing that taking food shots has been a ‘hobby’ of mine, and even after learning that my cousin’s family is in the restaurant business. :)  all in all, i heart hirozen….lots!!! :) all the staffs are super friendly and attentive. and their wide variety of small dishes on the menu never ease to gastronomically surprise and satisfy any picky palette. :) ingredients are fresh, the flavors of the dishes are well balanced, and beautifully presented. a lovely small dining place, so don’t forget to make reservations, and i wouldn’t recommend it for large groups. if you wanna save on valet parking, find a street parking instead. :) hmm hmm hirozen-licious! :)


garlic fried rice (home kitchen)

November 1, 2008

marina del rey, ca 90295
yumyuminthetumtum’s home kitchen

when my dad was ill and had lost his appetite, one day, he asked if i could cook some garlic fried rice for him.  though i’d never cooked it before, but i remember the ones i had observed a numerous times of those teppanyaki chefs at the japanese restaurants dad used to take us when we were kids.  while the chefs were cooking in front of us, i used to imagine myself being their apprentice and cooked those dishes in my head. :D  so, when presented with the random request, i tried my best and whipped up this dish from memory. ask permission to use image

…so, this was my dad’s favorite garlic fried rice that i used to cook for him alot, back in sydney few years ago… ^^ (i had not cooked this again since, …until this one, which i cooked back in may) … a simple dish if you want a quick meal and love garlic. ^^

ingredients used ~
– chopped onions
– lotsa finely chopped garlic (for this portion, i used only one whole bulb)
– spring onions
– olive (or veggie/corn) oil
– egg
– ground pepper
– sukiyaki sauce (sometimes i use soba sauce, or terriyaki sauce which is abit stronger/saltier in taste if you prefer)
– multigrain rice
… served in green bell pepper as bowl (i eat that, too… no food being wasted :p) and alfalfa sprouts (leftover from homemade sandwich :p) atop as garnish

(…after you’ve heated the pan/oil, start with the garlic first, then onions… the eggs and spring onions last after the rice)

bon appetit! enjoy ~ ;)