nonfat blueberries yogurt with fresh blackberries and organic flax (home kitchen)

January 12, 2009

marina del rey, ca 90295
yumyuminthetumtum’s home kitchen

i don’t usually eat breakfast, unless i’m back home (where breakfast was always nicely prepared every morning), but i love breakfast menu (it’s probably my favorite meal!) and today, i had the urge to make myself some healthy a.m. yummy! :) my favorite nonfat blueberries yogurt, with some fresh blackberries (can you tell i love berries?!! :p) and some ground organic flaxseed. hmm hmm creamily delicious to start the day with! :)

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  1. Yum I’m very much a berry girl too! That blueberry yogurt would be so good right now in this warm Australian weather!

  2. hi karen, thanks for dropping by! :) aw, i almost forgot we’re in ‘opposite season’! i wouldn’t mind switching dish with your rose creme brulee right now! :p looks so good!! :)

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