unagi + ikura with brown rice (home kitchen)

December 17, 2008

marina del rey, ca 90295
yumyuminthetumtum’s home kitchen

www.yumyuminthetumtum.com-pls ask permission to use image

after a couple of days with a back pain and lost of appetite, i was finally feeling hungry today and made myself a quick and easy dinner for one. easy as i only needed to cook the brown rice. quick as to just slice and heat up the unagi (eel) in the microwave for about 30 seconds, add some ikura on top, squeeze out some wasabi, and voila, dinner was served! :)



  1. How pretty is the presentation!

  2. wow, i hope i can come home with something as delicious as this!

  3. hi mandy :) aww, thanks! sometimes i feel embarrassed that most of the meals i prepared at home since the past couple years are so simple and don’t require much work :p happy new year!!! :) xoxo

  4. hi melia :) thank you! xoxo :)

  5. This looks adorable and delicious.

  6. aww thanks suzy!! it’s very easy and simple to prepare. you should try it some time. :)
    thanks again for dropping, and it’s very nice ‘meeting’ you via yelp! :) have a great yelping 2009!! xoxo :)

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