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hotcakes bakes (culver city)

December 9, 2008

hotcakes bakes
4119 centinela avenue
los angeles, ca 90066
(310) 397-2324
mon-sat 9am-7pm
sun 10am-6pm ask permission to use image

i’ve drove by this place so many times, but never gotten around to drop by until this evening. the first thing that caught my eyes is the beautiful pink and brown colors of their cute “hotcakes bakes” sign. i’m not much of a cupcake fan actually (but i think cupcakes are very cute and pretty and i enjoy looking at them), but once in awhile, i do have an urge to have one. so, after dinner nearby, we decided to check out this little hidden treasure.

once inside, we were both greeted by a friendly lady in a sweet pink “hotcakes bakes” t-shirt. your attention will immediately go to the array of yummy looking cupcakes, macaroons, brownies, freshly baked cookies, canneles, and other sweet desserts on their display counter. behind the counter, it’s an open pastry kitchen, where another lady in the same pink t-shirt was busy working on some yummy desserts. watching her work just even for a minute tempted me to take up some pastry classes. (i hope they will offer some pastry classes, demo, or tasting events in the future. that would be so much fun!) there are only two little cozy half-circle tables if you want to eat in. on each side of the walls, there are newspaper articles about them and celebrity signed photo. along side on the side counters, there are also display of beautiful wedding cakes. ask permission to use image ask permission to use image

we finally decided on a cannele ($2), a chocolate mint cupcake ($3), and six macaroons ($2.50 each) in strawberry, chocolate, coconut, pistachio, smores and coffee to go. the cannele is very rich and moist. not only is the chocolate mint cupcake so pretty, but it is as rich and moist on the texture, and the whipped frosting is really smooth and creamy… at first bite, i could immediately enjoy the full fragrant of the mint… mmm :) as for the macaroons, you can never go wrong with those! :) i will definitely drop by again to try the other yummies, especially since it’s so close to my place. they also do catering, so do come by for a treat if you’re in the area! :)


misasa + china table tokyo hanten (venice)

December 9, 2008

11am-7:30pm daily

china table tokyo hanten
11am-7:30pm daily

mitsuwa marketplace japanese food court
3760 s. centinela avenue
los angeles, ca 90066
(310) 398-2113

(photos on this entry taken by my iphone.) ask permission to use ask permission to use image
straight from LAX, we were too tired to drive around for dinner, and i wanted to do some grocery shopping before heading home, so we decided to have dinner at the mitsuwa marketplace. this is one of the places i frequent for grocery shopping and quick meal with friends at their food court. convenient, fast, cozy, fulfilling. this time, i ordered a beef and tofu don from misasa, and my friend had a burger dinner from china table tokyo hanten. ask permission to use ask permission to use image

the beef and tofu came with a bowl of miso soup, a little tofu cold dish, and a cup of tea. it was statisfying. :) the burger dish came with a little shredded side salad, a patty burger and fried rice, and a cup of clear mushroom soup. this dish is a beyond disappointment… the burger was unacceptably mushy and tasteless. my friend, who isn’t picky on food, couldn’t even finish half of it and was still feeling hungry afterwards. :p